Passport to markets: Test, Inspection, Certification
Conformity Experts


Conformity Experts was established in 2022 in Slovakia. Although this is a relatively new brand, it is based on a large networked expertise by its members. Our goal is to provide high quality service to our Customers related to CE marking. With more than ten years experience especially in the field of Machinery (2006/42/EC) and Medical Devices (2017/745) we can provide training, testing, consulting service.
As a member of QTICS Group the whole network covers a wide range from the Testing Inspection and Certification (TIC) sector to serve complex solutions from one hand to our Customers.

QTICS is an acronym consisting from the first letters of Quality, Testing, Inspection, Certification and Services.
The group operates in a number of service fields with a special focus on medical devices, mobility & drone, energy & industry, consumer & IoT. The group possesses a wide portfolio embracing all aspects of conformity assessment, such as consultation and education, expert services, testing and evaluations, verification and certifications, critical infrastructure and cybersecurity, virtual verification and digital simulation.

QTICS Group members